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Your personal box office

Stubmatic is an online box office service for venues, promoters, theatres and anyone with tickets to sell. We help you sell tickets online and provide all the tools to promote, sell and track sales.
We don't charge any booking fees (but you can!)

Preview: Vibrant's box Office

Sell tickets without fees

Your customers will find it really easy to buy tickets! This is how:

1. Customers visit your event page

Screenshot: Event page

← Public Event Page

Customers visit your event's page from either your box office, Buy Now buttons or web search. They select how many tickets they would like, provide a few details and click Buy Now!

As with your box office, you can customise text, add photos or videos, etc.

2. Customers check and confirm their details

Screenshot: Confirm page

← Confirmation

Your customers check their details. If required they specify the names of each person attending the event.

3. Customers complete their purchase at PayPal

Screenshot: Event page

← Payment

Your customer completes their payment with PayPal (The transaction is directly between them and you, bypassing us completely!).

Who is using Stubmatic?

Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, California

Bottom Of The Hill, is an independent live music venue in San Francisco, CA.

"With all the other ticketing solutions out there, the clubs get zero out of selling advance tickets and the customers are left unhappy with the exorbitant fees they have to pay. Stubmatic is different, with no fees, we get 100% of the ticket value.."
- Judas Bosch, Bottom of The Hill

Why use Stubmatic?

Stubmatic is great for any event or activity. You get the full order amount (including any booking fees) instantly to your PayPal. we give you your own box office and help market your event by providing tools that fully exploit the web 2.0 movement.

Stubmatic is ideal for:

  • Music events
  • Theatre
  • Training and corporate events
  • Festivals and fates
  • Exhibitions
  • Tourism trips & activities
  • Charity events
  • Sporting events
  • Any other event or activity

Stubmatic in a nutshell

  • Your own personal box office
  • We don't charge fees but you can
  • Tools to promote your events
  • Track ticket sales & statistics
  • Instant payment direct to PayPal
  • Use an ordinary PayPal account
  • Incredibly easy to use!
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