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Your personal box office

Stubmatic is an online box office service for venues, promoters, theatres and anyone with tickets to sell. We help you sell tickets online and provide all the tools to promote, sell and track sales.
We don't charge any booking fees (but you can!)

Preview: Vibrant's box Office

Getting Started

What does Stubmatic do?

Stubmatic is a hosted application that allows you to set-up an online box office and sell tickets for your events. It lets you easily sell tickets through PayPal without charging any booking, helps you promote your events, track sales and view attendees.

What doesn't Stubmatic do?

It doesn't handle any money or dispatch tickets for you (other than electronic email confirmations of tickets purchased)

How do I install Stubmatic?

There is no installation required. We host your personal box office for you you just need a modern web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

What do I need to start selling tickets?

  • An event with tickets to sell

  • A PayPal Account (Premier or Business)

  • A modern web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome with Javascript enabled.

What countries and currencies do you support?

We support all PayPal supported currencies and countries.

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How do I stop or pause sales for an event?

You can stop or pause selling tickets for an event by completing the event through My Events, the event will no longer be listed on your box office and no further sales will be allowed. You can re-list the event right up to the start date or box office close date (Which ever is sooner).

Can I cancel an event?

Events can be cancelled through the My Events page or the event's details page by clicking cancel. Once an event has been cancelled, all purchasers will be notified via email and you will need to make refunds separately through PayPal, if necessary.

How long to you keep my event data for?

Stubmatic keeps a record of your event and all related sales and orders for up to 60 days after the event's start date. After 60 days, it is automatically deleted. If you need to keep this data it can be exported as a CSV file and imported into Excel, Google Docs, OpenOffice etc.

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Promoting Events

How can Stubmatic help me promote my event?

In addition to automatically Search Engine Optimising your pages, Stubmatic provides a variety of tools to help you direct traffic to your event pages such as our MySpace App. For more information see the Promote pages when logged in.

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My Box Office

Can I customise my Box Office and event pages?

Yes. You can customise your event description text using our WYSIWYG editor that also allows you to link to images and video. You can also customise the text, images shown on your box office by visiting it when logged in.

Can I provide my own Terms and Conditions of Sale?

Yes. You can edit your terms and conditions of sale through the My Account page when logged in.

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Can I charge Tax on ticket sales?

If you need to charge tax you can set this up through PayPal. Log into your account at PayPal and within you Profile page, you will find a link to setup adding Tax under the value added tax section. For more information see

Can I refund a payment?

Refunds need to be processed though Paypal. See PayPal Help for more information.

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How can I track sales for my events?

You can track sales for all your events or individual events through the My Sales area, when logged in.

How do I download sales information?

You can download sales information through My Sales in csv (comma separated values) format. These can be imported into programs such as Excel, Google Docs or OpenOffice.

Where can I find attendees for an event?

You can find and download a csv (comma separated values) file for importing into programs such as Excel from the details page for an event within the "My Sales" area.

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Subscription Plans

How to I check the type of Subscription Plan I have?

You can check to see the type of account you have by logging in. The type of account will be displayed next to your username in the top right-hand corner of the page.

How much does Stubmatic cost?

We have several subscription plans available for you to choose from in order to best suit the size and nature of your business.

How can I pay?

You will need to pay your subscription fees using PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account you can get one here.

How do I get billed?

You will be charged your subscription rate once a month. An invoice will be sent to you via PayPal each month.

Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes you can cancel at any time. Cancelling your subscription plan is really easy and is done through PayPal. Log into your PayPal account, choose Profile from the navigation bar, then Recurring Payments. View the details for the Recurring Payment set-up with Vibrant Apps Ltd and click Cancel.

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Community & Help

Where can I discuss tips and techniques with other Stubmatic users?

Stubmatic has a community set-up on where you can discuss tips and techniques, submit feature requests and report problems.

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Who is using Stubmatic?

Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, California

Bottom Of The Hill, is an independent live music venue in San Francisco, CA.

"With all the other ticketing solutions out there, the clubs get zero out of selling advance tickets and the customers are left unhappy with the exorbitant fees they have to pay. Stubmatic is different, with no fees, we get 100% of the ticket value.."
- Judas Bosch, Bottom of The Hill

Why use Stubmatic?

Stubmatic is great for any event or activity. You get the full order amount (including any booking fees) instantly to your PayPal. we give you your own box office and help market your event by providing tools that fully exploit the web 2.0 movement.

Stubmatic is ideal for:

  • Music events
  • Theatre
  • Training and corporate events
  • Festivals and fates
  • Exhibitions
  • Tourism trips & activities
  • Charity events
  • Sporting events
  • Any other event or activity

Stubmatic in a nutshell

  • Your own personal box office
  • We don't charge fees but you can
  • Tools to promote your events
  • Track ticket sales & statistics
  • Instant payment direct to PayPal
  • Use an ordinary PayPal account
  • Incredibly easy to use!
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