Welcome to the 6th Annual 2012 Christmas Laser Spectacular

Can you believe it is already six years?  What started as a small idea has grown into a full-scale production.  But we need your help.  While the production has continued to grow, so has the need for assistance right here in our local community.  

It might be tempting to place a value on the show, to compare it to the cost of a movie or even concert tickets to see a smaller production at the Console Energy Center.   Unlike other shows which might forward 'proceeds'  (the leftover funds after all of the bills have been paid), this show forwards 100% of your donation directly into the hands of a needy family.   That family might be closer than you think, and they need your help this Christmas Season.

All of the work is donated by volunteers, and all of the production equipment and programming is completely donated.  When we say that every penny you donate is passed on directly, we mean it.   So as you prepare for this year's show, don't think about this as a ticket cost.  Think of the amazing transformation that you are making HAPPEN with your donation to this incredibly needy and worthy cause.  Help us sell out these shows and add even more of them to the calendar this year.  Spread the word!

- The Christmas Laser Spectacular Team


( P.S.  :  Share the link to this YouTube video below to your friends via email, facebook, etc -- they probably don't believe you, so SHOW THEM! )

Please tell your friends about this show and help our friends in need.


Please select your showtime below. If the showtime you desire is not listed it has either sold out or online ticketing is no longer available. We will update information here on the status of each showtime if this occurs.   Ticketing closes at 4PM on the day of each performance.

Helpful hints:

-If you are not the primary ticket holder, such as when purchasing tickets as a gift, sign in with the name to be on the Will Call list.  Later, you can enter different billing information for payment.

- If you wish to give tickets as gifts, you may bring your confirmation to the church office during normal business hours and exchange for paper tickets in advance.

-The system will request names for each ticketed guest. When possible, please enter this information for EACH GUEST to insure fast check-in at the show. The primary ticket holder MUST be listed and they MUST be present to claim your tickets.

- If you are buying additional tickets as gifts for friends and family it is acceptable to list secondary ticket holders under the name 'Guest' provided they check in with the primary ticket holder.



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